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Welcome to John & Pete’s Fine Wine and Spirits!

Since 1938 we've been proud to offer traditional family personalized service. We offer thousands of wine, liquor, and beer selections on our site with inventory updates happening in real time. Our store is currently located in West Hollywood, California, where it was originally opened in 1938.

Our Philosophy


To identify, select, and seek out a diverse and exceptional collection of fine wine and spirits and to guide our customers in finding the wine, liquor, and beer that best meets their needs through our personalized service and expert team. 

Stick With Us

Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about most wine, liquor, and beer selections available in the market and can utilize their expertise to provide you with unparalleled service. In addition, our wine and liquor buyers scour the world to ensure that we can offer our customers the best, the rarest, and the hard to find. If we don’t have it, ask us if we can get it.

Cater With Us


John & Pete’s Fine Wine and Spirits specializes in catering beverages for events ranging from small get-togethers to big weddings and movie premieres. We are the premier source for working in collaboration with catering professionals to meet all your catering and event planning needs. In fact, we were rated #1 in "Service and Promptness" by other catering professionals. We work with the top caterers and event planners in Southern California and our professional staff is trained to accomodate all your beverage requests when planning parties, weddings, corporate events, movie premieres, or major award ceremonies.

Simply tell us about your upcoming party or event and leave the rest to us! Our bid will include all your beverage needs, from liquor, wine, beer, mixers, juices, to condiments and ice. Best of all, we're open later than most stores for addressing any last minute emergency needs.

Call (310) 657-3080 or email Pete This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



John & Pete’s Fine Wine and Spirits has been owned and operated by John Pene and Pete Burra Sr. since Thanksgiving Day 1938.

They started out in a small rented building two hundred feet from their present location.


This is the original rented building where John and Pete first opened their store in 1938.


Within a years time, John and Pete were able to purchase their own lot to build their store.  This is opening day at their new location.




During World War II, John and Pete alternated between waiting on customers and building airplanes at a defense plant.


Following the war and with the boom of the late forties and early fifties, it became necessary for John and Pete to expand the size of their store from the original 1,200 square foot lot to the present 5,000 square foot lot. This was in order to accommodate the tremendous increase in inventory of fine wine and spirits from around the world. As John & Pete's Fine Wine and Spirits continued to develop, the working staff also increased from two to fourteen full-time employees to meet the growing demand for services and consumer guidance. 


During this time, John & Pete's Fine Wine and Spirits was part of an evolution within the liquor industry.


Pete Burra Sr. promotes Ten High in collaboration with early day manufacters.